What’s Your “First Dance” Style?

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Wedding Dance

Your very first dance as husband and wife should be a special reflection of the two of you.  The song you choose might be a long-standing “our song” or a new release that you identify with.  Maybe it’s not so much about the song as it is the dance itself.  You may want a traditional elegant dance or a fun upbeat dance.  YouTube certainly has plenty of “surprise” first dances; the ones that start out slow and then the record skips and they break into a Michael Jackson hip hop routine.  The “Dancing with the Stars” TV program has also made traditional Ballroom and Latin dances very popular.

Whatever your style, Date Night Dance Company can help you with your first dance.  Our ballroom and Latin dance instruction covers any song you choose for a couple’s dance from slow and romantic to fast and fun.  If it’s a choreographed routine you’re after, the instructors at Ballerina Dance Studio, where we teach, can help you with that.

Some things to consider when choosing your dance style:

1. You will be nervous for your first dance.  As far as moves are concerned, less is more.  3-4 great moves to rotate through during the dance are all you need to get your crowd cheering.  Most couples find 3 private lessons with some practice between are all they need to master their dance.

2. If your dance is completely choreographed and timed to the music you will need to be on top of your game.  Plan for many hours of practice together to learn the steps and look good.

3. Do you have a song but are unsure what dance style goes with it?  We can show you the dances that work with your song and let you choose the style you like best.

4. If you don’t have a song or style in mind check out our “getting married?” page on our website for song ideas.  Click on the titles to hear the songs.  Dances that go well with each song are listed as well.

5. The most important thing to remember is that this a special dance for the two of you.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your moves so you can enjoy the dance not fear it.

Visit our website at www.DateNightDance.com for more information about your first dance or contact us to schedule your wedding dance lessons at 605-338-3685 or DateNightDance@gmail.com.

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