Wedding Rehearsal Dinners…Creative FUN!

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Rehearsal dinners don’t have to be stuffy! When you are planning your rehearsal dinner, have some fun with it. We love to go over with our couples the things that bring a smile to there heart, if they have had a special meal that has brought special memory to them. Then we create a special menu. Since a rehearsal dinner is smaller and more intimate with close family and friends this is a great way to showcase such special moments. For example: one of our couples experience; Our groom spent all day cooking a special dinner for tonight was the night the was going to asks the love of his life to become his wife! Dinner burned and he ended up popping the question over hot dogs, with all the windows open in the house to let the smoke out! Rehearsal dinner menu: BBQ feast with a special showcase of “Hot Dogs”! The couple loved it and all the family and friends loved it as well! Have fun with your meal, it helps to bring everyone back to the purpose, relieve any last minute tensions, and bring a smile to all your guests faces.

Call Sioux Falls Caterer | Rocco’s Catering to help plan your rehearsal dinner and we can help you create an unforgettable dinner.

– Karen Sapari  | Rocco’s Catering | 605.413.8780

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