Wedding Receptions, Pretty BIG Deal

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Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux FallsWedding receptions are events (or most commonly thought of as parties) that take place after a couple’s marriage ceremony.  They are intended as a way to display hospitality for the guests attending the wedding.  This is the first time the two individuals (bride and groom) enter into their important network of family and friends as a married couple.  Sounds like a “pretty big deal”, which is precisely why couples take a significant amount of time planning out every last detail of this memorable event.  Almost all wedding receptions take place in the evening, therefore a meal is included.  Couples want to show their genuine appreciation for the guests attending this special day, so the food becomes an integral part of the actual reception.  The food and beverage served at a reception can impact the evening in a positive or negative way, therefore selecting the right venue for the wedding reception is of utmost importance.  Every wedding reception venue has different capabilities and options to consider.  A couple should always request a copy of the venue’s menus before any other steps are taken (as some may be ruled out at this point).  Certain venues host wedding receptions only and others host all different types of events so they may work with multiple sets of menus.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we have a set of menus exclusively for wedding receptions!  We host a vast variety of events here; however we have concentrated on identifying what works best for wedding receptions as its own market segment because wedding receptions have unique needs.  We also allow our couples the ability to choose a custom menu, if they do not find what they are looking for in our standard wedding menu selections.  Our talented culinary team is here to assist with fashioning a menu that suits each client’s desires… it is fantastic to be able to offer a personalization to our weddings.  Another benefit we offer in regards to the food and beverage is the chance to actually taste the food prior to your wedding reception.  We host two wedding tastings each year, exclusively for our contracted wedding receptions.  This is a chance to experience what separates our cuisine from what the other wedding reception venues in the area offer, as well as a chance to see one of our ballrooms staged for a wedding reception!  We are always searching for new ways to put the room together….keeping up with the trends in regards to table shapes and configurations and even modern napkin folds to have fresh new ideas for our couples to consider.  I personally feel that this is a huge benefit to our couples because they are not simply basing their selections off of looking at a printed menu and going with this or that.  The couple can enjoy the wedding tasting event, and our staff is available to answer questions they might have as they sample some of our amazing menu options.  If having the chance to taste the food your guests will be enjoying (as well as the part of your wedding reception that will be the greatest expense more than likely) is of substantial importance to you, please give me a call today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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