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South Dakota and Minnesota Wedding Photographers

“Can I get the CD/DVD of the wedding day images?”  That is probably one of the most commonly asked questions by soon-to-be married couples.  Many people want it because they think they can save money and get them printed elsewhere, however, nearly ever bride that I’ve talked to that only got the CD, has not printed a SINGLE picture from the most memorable and probably the most expensive day of their life! Isn’t your wedding day something to be proud of?  Make sure that even if the photographer you are going with offers a disc of your images that you still take the time to order those very special photos! The quality alone should be a GREAT reason to have your images printed directly from your photographer.

Recently there was a picture floating around Facebook that made me laugh.  It was a picture of a floppy disk, can you image if your parent’s images were on something like that?  It would be nearly impossible to even find the proper gear to view those images.  Instead of asking for the disk, possibly ask what kind of options you have for printing your images…canvas, gallery wraps, albums, float wraps, framed prints, etc. Here are a few more examples:

South Dakota and Minnesota Wedding PhotographersSouth Dakota and Minnesota Wedding Photographers

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