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Sioux Falls Bridal Gown store manager, Carla Hedtke from Alan Evans Bridal shares with you Top Ten tips for finding the right Wedding Gown:

1. Shop 8-12months in advance and only shop with the intent and readiness to buy. This way you know your budget and are not afraid to make that purchase.

2. Only shop 2-3 stores. Research them and find out which ones suit you best. This keeps you from getting confused and doesn’t waste your time or theirs.

3. After you pick which stores you want to go to, make appointments for them. Especially weekends, these stores are busy and you are guaranteed help. If you don’t make an appointment, some places will not allow you to shop. This allows good time management for you and your guests. If you are not able to attend your appointment, please call and cancel so another person may be able to have a great experience.

4. Do not try to do all the stores in one day. Trying on wedding gowns is exhausting and time consuming. You do not want to be rushed and you want to allow time to process each gown and really think about the overall look.

5. Set a budget before you start shopping. The average wedding gown ranges from $599.00 and up. Around this area, I wouldn’t expect paying more than $3000.00. Set what ever amount you and if anyone is going to help you pay for your gown, are comfortable paying. Most places do allow a payment plan, but go in with the intent of putting at least a down payment,

6. Despite wanting to please everyone, do not bring more than 2-3 people shopping with you. Pick people who will be honest with you, but impartial. You do not need everyone’s approval for your gown. It is your day and you need to pick the one that suits you. Too many opinions will lead to confusion and regret.

7. Choose the gown that YOU love! Don’t pick one that everyone else thinks you should wear. It is your day, not theirs. So pick something that flatters you and fits your theme.

8. Trust your sales staff. They know their stock better than anyone. They know what each gown looks like on and how they fit. Do not be afraid to talk to them and let them know what you like and do not like. They will be able to help you pick out things and help you decide which is going to be the best look on you.

9. Don’t feel like you have to buy on your first day. It is okay to take time and really think. Not everyone has the moment of tears, the heavens open and the angels sing. We all have different ways we shop, so it is okay. Your dress sets the entire tone for your wedding, so you want to make the right decision with no regrets and full excitement.

10.You should never want to change your dress. You should fall in love with a dress that you love everything about. Once you have picked a dress, quite shopping. You do not wanna second guess yourself or confuse yourself. Your wedding is stressful enough, your wedding dress should be one thing that should not stress you out.

For more advice, visit Alan Evans Bridal.

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