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Wedding Table Decor Ideas | Sioux Falls Convention Center

If you’re engaged and in the process of planning for your big day, you’re probably trying to figure out what you want to do for your decor at your reception facility.  There are many different ways to get creative with your decorations.  Some people opt to hire a decorator or a florist to take care of everything, but many people choose to come up with their own ideas.  With the ease of the Internet and sites like Pinterest, this can be a pretty simple thing to do.  If you can narrow down what you like, with the help of family and friends it really doesn’t have to be much of a chore at all!  The best part about weddings is that there is no right or wrong and there is no limit to want you can do.  There isn’t a rule that you have to go fancy and buy a bunch of glass vases and candles and expensive flowers.  You don’t even need to worry about having the same centerpiece on each table.  You can go vintage and collect cool items from friends and relatives, or find inexpensive things from thrift stores and flea markets.  You could also collect empty wine and liquor bottles if you prefer to go for a more elegant look and fill them with lights, beads, colored sand, flowers—you name it!  Candles can also be a great way to fill up your space. Think of all of the different colors, shapes and sizes of candles out there and come up with a unique piece at each table.  Food is another option you should not rule out.  You can do really cool things with stacking fruit in jars or vases, or if you’re allowed to bring in favors or snacks then you can incorporate that into your table centerpieces.  You could fill up cool jars in all shapes and sizes with M&M’s or other colored candies and stack them on all of the tables as a part of your centerpiece.  You could also bring in different kinds of popcorn, snack mix and peanuts for great munchies that will last throughout the evening!  And depending on where you book your reception, the facility itself might provide items for you to use as well.  The Sioux Falls Convention Center has a variety of complimentary items that can be used for your centerpieces or for any decorating you’d like to do throughout your room, so if you’d like to get creative and are on a budget please stop by or give us a call today to book your reception and we’ll help make your ideas come to life!

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