10 Tips to Choosing a Wedding Cake Designer

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Angle Ford of Taylor’d Cakes, shares with you 10 wedding planning tips to choosing your wedding cake designer.

1)     First and foremost, find out if your baker is licensed.  Most venues do not allow food, including cake, to be brought in by unlicensed vendors.

2)    Be sure to book your cake well in advance.  Most reputable cake designers have bookings 1-2 years out.  Expect to put down a non-refundable deposit to hold your wedding date.

3)    Ask your baker if they offer tastings, and be sure to try the cake before you book.  A tasting should be at no charge to you, and include cake and frosting.

4)    When you go in for your tasting/consult, it is good to bring a color swatch and also pictures of cakes you have found that you like.  Ask to see pictures of the designers work.  Does it seem professional?

5)    Find out how your cake is priced.  Is it by the serving or a package price?  How big are their servings?  There can be a vast difference in serving sizes, depending on which size chart your designer uses.  Do they charge extra for fillings or gourmet flavors?  How many layers of filling are in each cake?  At Taylor’d Cakes fillings are of no extra charge, and each cake is 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling.  Not only does this make for a delicious cake, but it makes a beautiful presentation on the serving plate also.

6)    What is the best way to stretch my wedding budget?  Order a smaller presentation cake and then have “kitchen cakes” for your guests.  Kitchen cakes are made the same as the wedding cake, but are not decorated.  Each kitchen cake is 4” tall and has the 4 layers of cake/3 filling like the wedding cake.  The cost is less than wedding cake and your guests will have no idea they didn’t get cake from the actual wedding cake.  Another option is to have a “fake cake” and then serve cupcakes or kitchen cakes.

7)    Be sure to ask for an estimate before you book.  Can you change the size of the cake/cupcakes and if so when is the final date for this?

8)    Ask your bakery if they deliver your cake and if there is an additional charge for this service. With the rising cost of fuel, most bakeries charge a fee for this service. Also most wedding cakes must be assembled at the reception facility, so if you are not skilled in the art of decorating, it is best left to your bakery.

9)    Rentals:  Most bakers have some types of rentals, cake stands or cupcake towers for example.  What is the policy?  Is there a security deposit?  When do they have to be returned?  At Taylor’d Cakes we offer cake stand rental, cupcake towers and have 3 locations to return them to.

10)    And last but not least, yes cupcakes weddings are still IN!  Cupcakes are very versatile, and can be dressed up for an elegant presentation or just plain fun.  At Taylor’d Cakes, cupcakes weddings are the most budget friendly of all cake options.  Be sure to check out pricing and ask what additional charges there may be for special liners or toppers.

Picking out your wedding cake should be FUN!  Call Taylor’d Cakes today to set up your personal consult at 507-879-3591 or taylordcakes@hotmail.com.  Visit our website at www.taylorcakes.com or find us on Facebook!

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