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Vendor Category: PhotographersVendor Tags: Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer, Sioux Falls Wedding Photography, Sioux Falls Weddings, South Dakota Wedding, South Dakota Wedding Photographer, Stephanie V Photography, Wedding Photography, and Wedding Planning

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    Services: Engagement Photography – Wedding Photography – Option of a 2nd shooter


    A wedding day is such an important, joyous and monumental day in someone’s life. That’s exactly how I feel about photographing it. I always want you to feel so special and have your photos portray importance, a joyous time and monumental moment in your life.

    We will work together to make sure the feeling of your photos are exactly what you want! I take a very candid approach to my photography along with adding traditional flare so there is always a great mix of wonderful memories captured!

    I’d be honored to spend your special day with you and I am looking forward to meeting all you wonderful couples!

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