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Creating your seating arrangement is never an easy task. But if you are looking for a way to sneak in an intimate moment with your husband or wife then maybe a “sweetheart table” is for you. What is a “sweetheart table” you may ask? It is a table that allows the couple to sit alone while facing their guests. This table allows them to be close to their wedding party and family but still have the ability to steal those private moments together.

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You can also use your “sweetheart table” to show your personality as a couple in the decor and centerpiece and other items you chose to include on your table. You can choose to make the décor match the theme of your wedding or make it completely of you as a couple.

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When choosing a “sweetheart table” for your head table there are a couple of items that you will want to keep in mind. One, make sure that your table is place in clear view, you as a couple are still the reason that everyone is together and they still want to be able to share your special moments. Two, you can still make the decision to elevate your head table at the Sioux Falls Convention Center we have one foot and two foot tall staging. This allows you to elevate your “sweetheart table” at a two foot height and then the rest of your wedding party at a one foot elevation. A benefit of having a “sweetheart table” is that it makes your table more approachable for your guests. With the two of you sitting at a table without the entire wedding party, your guests are more likely to feel comfortable enough to walk up and chat. Another benefit is with all of the socializing that this day will bring having a “sweetheart table” will allow the two of you to sneak off to a little space that is just for you.

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