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Cotton Candy Martini | Wedding Planning | Sioux Falls Convention Center

Many of you may not know that the Sioux Falls Convention Center and the Sioux Falls Arena and the soon to be Denny Sanford Premier Event Center are all managed by the same company and have the same food and beverage provider. With that being said the Sioux Falls Convention Center has access to all of those yummy “treats” that you pick up when going to a concert or sporting event. So when thinking about what to blog about I started to think of how you can take all these delicious snacks and make them upscale and bring them to your Wedding Reception. One of my favorite “sweets” when attending a game is Cotton Candy…so why not take cotton candy and add it to a drink. There are several trendy restaurants that are creating this exact thing a “Cotton Candy Martini.” So why not let us spin some Cotton Candy (in your wedding color of course) in front of your guests, making it interactive and fun; then we will serve it in a martini glass and hand it off to our bartender who will pour the liquor concoction over the Cotton Candy. When the martini is being poured over the cotton candy it dissolves instantly and leaves you with a delicious martini in your wedding color. What a fun presentation that would be!

Another one of my personal favorite snacks when attending an Arena event is popcorn. We have discussed the idea of a popcorn bar in the past but I will touch on it again showing how to take make this an upscale add on to your event. Yes, a bar of different flavored popcorn would be the easy way to achieve this. But why not add a few others of our favorites to your popcorn bar to make it a really fancy treat. Some of my favorite mixes to popcorn are Hot Tamales, Junior Mints and even Reece’s pieces. And last but not least is Ice Cream…you may wonder how can you upgrade the traditional ice cream cone? My first idea is to take an ice cream cone and dip it into white or milk chocolate and simply add your favorite flavor…but wouldn’t it be fun to make this an interactive experience. With the help of a Chef at the Sioux Falls Convention Center you could select a cone, pick your chocolate flavor, our Chef will hand dip you cone and next, this part is my favorite, why not hand roll it into crushed candies or nuts, YUM…then top it off with your Ice Cream flavor of choice. If you are planning your Wedding Reception and your fiancée and yourself are avid spectators of arena event and love the arena cuisine. Why not call the Sioux Falls Convention Center where our staff knows how to upgrade any of your favorite Arena treats.

Sarah Maag | Sales Manager | 605-367-4154 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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