Studio Blu Photography and their Las Vegas Wedding!

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Sioux Falls Wedding Photographers, Holly and Walter from Studio Blu Photography, back from their Las Vegas Wedding!

Not much time has passed since we (StudioBlu) went to Las Vegas to remarriagize ourselves. We planned somewhat romantically as photographers to take nothing but a Polaroid camera. At the last minute we grabbed Holly’s point and shoot. Thank God we did because most of the Polaroid shots were terrible. It was a short but productive trip to The Sin City. Upon arrival, check in and unpacking at The Cosmopolitan we found it to be 1:00 a.m. on Friday morning. What better time than now to explore the city and look for a bite to eat. Much to our dismay the only available eats was the Denny’s in front of the MGM Grand. However the upside was the crowds making their way into the restaurant around us were a HOT MESS! By the time we reached the room it was 2:00 and the party at the Marquee was still raging. We would later learn that the club was on fire from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. every day of the week. Our view of the dance/pool party was awesome from straight above them on the 50th floor.

Friday morning we were up at 7:00 to head out to see the Hoover Dam! This was really the part of the trip for me (Walter) and my nerdy self.  Standing outside in the valet of the Cosmo I asked Holly how would we know when they were here? A perfectly logical question. Holly’s response was, “Oh I think we will know”. Holly had scheduled the excursion with the company, Pink Jeep. After 3 stops in town and several traffic delays we learned much about the city of Las Vegas. Not the least of which was that every time a siren blared or you saw a fire truck it was probably a jay walker. An hour later we had been whisked off to the engineering marvel that is the Hoover Dam. I could go on and on with useless facts about the reason they chose the canyon to the rock formations to the cooling of concrete but those details are for another blog somewhere else. Back to the city and a much needed 3 hour power nap before our big event.

I had secretly planned to get Holly to the Bellagio for the fountains prior to our date with destiny. I had a new ring and was going to propose to her in romantic fashion. I had always regretted my lack of planning and foresight when I originally proposed to her 11+ years earlier. This seemed it might more than make up for my previously underwhelming effort. If you have never been to Vegas at night the Bellagio and the strip in general are quite chaotic. Thousands of people were waiting for the fountains. I seized the moment and got down on one knee to ask her. Needless to say she was a little embarrassed asked me to stand up and said yes! Boo-yah!

I had ordered a car for us to take to the Chapel of the Bells. When we arrived we were greeted in the parking lot by the pastor. We had to wait a few minutes for the owner to arrive to let us in for the ceremony. We would be the first of the evening. I was scorned for attempting to snap a shot of Holly putting on makeup in the lobby next to a sign that said NO PHOTOGRAPHY! Would have been an awesome photo. The doors opened to a serene white chapel. About the size of my bathroom with chairs for 4 people, it was quite a site. After an intro song, the wedding march played. We walked together up the aisle.

Now this is where things got a little weird for me, probably for both of us. We had both, I think, had this romantic notion of a super campy, unemotional, funny ceremony. And while it was all of those things on some level, it was overtly emotional as well. All of the same feelings I had the first time we got married welled up again. I am not sure why. The past ten years had taken us so far. With an amazing life together 10 years in, it was all I could do to keep from crying. It turned out to be a very nice little ceremony. We walked out of the chapel, as in love as ever, onto the street.

Our first few moments of the next ten years were spent walking down the strip. In our immediate view were a strip club, a homeless man and a bunch of hoods cat calling Holly. Oh did I not mention the chapel was on the ghetto ass end of the strip? Everything had gone off without a hitch. We were one. Again.

Like the penguins say, HOOVER DAMN

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Looks like she said Maybe.

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Hot bride, just sayin!

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Obligatory terrible self portrait

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas


Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Gross, get a room.

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Reception Dinner?

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Where ya going?

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

To the PARTY! It’s how we role. Jumping on the bed was Holly’s idea. Seriously. I just had to make it EXTREME, like a Slim Jim.

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas

Our own private SmileBooth? What’s a SmileBooth…

Wedding Photographers in Las Vegas


P.S.  Special Thanks to Stacy at The Flower Mill for having the vision to create a campy and clashing bouquet like we asked for.  Stacy, You rule! Everybody else, buy flowers from her!



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