Special Dietary Wedding Menus

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When thinking about your menu for your wedding reception be sure to keep in mind your guests’ special dietary requirements.  It’s now become far more common for couples to customize their menu choices with a large selection of food items that their gluten-free and vegetarian guests can enjoy.  By adding a note to your personal wedding website that invites guests to email you with their particular dietary restrictions and requirements, so that you may work with your caterer to provide a menu they’ll enjoy fully.  At the Sioux Falls Convention Center we have experience in working with large groups who have special dietary requirements.  Guests appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your wedding becomes an even bigger success.  Provide a wide variety of foods that will fulfill your wish list for a nice mix of meat and non-meat foods, seafood and non-seafood, salads, vegetables, fruits, and more.  And of course, be sure to include on your invitation response card a space for guests to fill in their dietary restrictions, as well as their guests’ dietary restrictions, so that you’re organized and have correct information to share with your wedding caterer.

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