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The definition of a station, per the online dictionary: 1) A place or position where a person or thing stands or is assigned to stand; a post.  2)  An area where a person is assigned to work. 3)  The place, building, or establishment from which a service is provided or operations are directed.  If I were to ask a bride or groom what they would guess a “specialty station” is (in the context regarding their wedding reception), I am fairly confident the percentage that would guess the correct answer would be small.  Specialty stations for wedding receptions are essentially just as their definition states:  an area where a person is assigned to work….so in this case it would be a chef!  Setting up your wedding reception with specialty stations versus going with a plated meal or buffet, is a distinctive way you can set your event apart.  Each area/station would feature a different food item or theme.  For example, you might have the following throughout your room:  a pasta station, a salad station, a fajita station, a carving station, and a fruit/dessert station.  It is almost the same concept as a buffet (as your guests can visit all or just some of the stations, as well as go back for seconds).  The stations would be broken up, unlike a buffet which is typically configured in one area.  The stations allow for a nice flow for your guests and create a very fun/social atmosphere.  Having chef attendants at provides interaction for your guests, as well as entertainment due to the fact that the food for some stations is prepared “live” in front of the guest.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we have some phenomenal specialty stations in our wedding reception menus.  Some of my favorites are:  the mashed potato martini bar, buffalo slider burgers, dim sum station, and the cheesecake display.  These stations along with many others that we offer, can add that flare you are looking for while still providing your guests with a substantial/tasty meal.  We are also very happy to sit down with you to customize a specialty station exclusively for your event!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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