A different angle…for your Wedding Reception!

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When you attend a wedding reception, you will more than likely walk into the room anticipating the standard setup.  Round tables scattered throughout the room, seating anywhere from eight to ten guests each. The round tables are definitely functional and comfortable, but also highly predictable.  What if you dared to do something different?  What if a reception venue offered you an option for tables?  Well, you are in luck…..the Sioux Falls Convention Center offers you a choice!   We have the 72 inch round tables available; however we also offer an opportunity to go with square tables.  The squares can still seat eight to ten guests each, and do not take up any additional room than the traditional round tables.  Something as simple as this can make a huge impact without inflicting any additional cost to you.   We have had several wedding receptions go with alternating tables (rounds and squares), and we have also had a few wedding receptions opt for the square tables only.   The standard linens that come with your wedding package here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center will also be available for the square tables (white or ivory).   Taking it one step further, couples that really want to make a splash might even consider doing an out of the ordinary head table.  Some fun/unique options are: sweet heart tables, multi-level or tiered head tables, angled head tables, or hollow square head tables.  If you are working with a room that provides ample space, you can also add tall cocktail tables to the room….providing your guests with space to socialize and put their drinks down.   One of the most stunning new additions to our equipment inventory at the Sioux Falls Convention Center is our copper-tops.   The brushed design copper-tops essentially fit over our eight-foot rectangle tables, and can provide an upgraded and distinctive look to your head table, gift table, or cake table.   If you want to make an impact on your guests by setting your room up at a “different angle”, call me and I would be happy to assist you put together a modern and distinctive floor plan.

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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