Sioux Falls Wedding Receptions and the Great Outdoors!

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Sioux Falls wedding receptions incorporating the great outdoors….beautiful spring flowers, the crisp green grass, trees waving in the breeze.  All of these elements sound just lovely, but what if Mother Nature decides it is time for a rainy, cloudy, cold, or windy day?  Hosting an outdoor wedding reception can definitely be fun and also a way to incorporate all of the elements that you prefer for ambiance and decor; however it can also be tremendously risky and stressful.  All of the appropriate steps can be taken in advance, however there is no way to know 100% that the weather will cooperate for your big day.  If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding reception but are a little hesitant for these reasons or others, here is a suggestion/alternative.  Host your wedding reception at a venue that can accommodate décor to create the outdoor atmosphere….INDOORS!  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center our versatile ballroom space paired with our talented and creative event staff, is a winning combination and the answer to your problem!  We have hosted several wedding receptions that integrated the outdoors into their indoor receptions and they turned out beautifully!  One wedding reception that I really enjoyed in particular worked with a local landscaping company to transform the reception room.  As you entered you were surrounded by live trees, lush shrubbery, and hydrangea bushes bursting with color.  The end of the stunning walkway featured a unique outdoor fountain with actual running water!  Yes, running water….and it was an indoor wedding reception.  We worked with the couple to convey the appropriate lighting for the evening and theme, adding soft rays of color throughout the room with our in-house up-lighting.  Twigs, sprigs, and regular grass were added to the table centerpieces to tie it all together.  The end result was gorgeous, and the couple was ecstatic with how everything turned out because they had the “outdoor feel” they wanted without the possible complications.  Please give me a call today if you would like to talk about hosting your indoor wedding reception and or ceremony (with an outdoor feel/ambiance) here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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