It’s All About the Wedding Shoes!

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There are so many little things to think about for your wedding day.  It can be easy to overlook the small details that can make all the difference, especially in the wedding photos.  This is why I decided to dedicate a blog post for each item that I believe would be fantastic to include in your wedding – and trust me, your photographer will be so happy!


For some brides, this is one of the most important things to them, along with their dress and jewelry.  But the shoes can be overlooked and purchased in haste, or considered to not be that big of deal.  Who is going to see them if the dress will be covering them anyway?  Wrong!  As a photographer, I love to grab your shoes and any other accessories that will adorn you and get some great detail shots before you put them on.  Be it white, ivory, or a bright color to make them pop, shoes can make all the difference!

There are the fabulous options to personalize your shoes even more.  Decorative shoe clips are an inexpensive way to fancy up some plain shoes, like these ones below, courtesy of Etsy shop, Peterene Design.

Grooms and groomsmen are not to be forgotten!  They can have fun with their shoes by wearing sneakers or even some fun socks for the photographer to get some creative shots.  The groom below shared these great one-of-a-kind shoes with his best man, complete with the month and year of his wedding.

Bridesmaids can have fun matching their shoes or even wearing their favorite pair, matching or not!  And don’t think the weather will make a difference!  Flower girls can have fun shoes, too.

Swap your ceremony heels for something a little bit more comfortable so you can dance the night away!  Even these shoes can be stylish and fun to fit your personality.

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