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B Photography | Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer
Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer Bethany Buitenbos has some amazing advice for you for a stress free process…

You’re engaged! Yay! Now here is a checklist of 8352 things you “must do”, “gotta have”, and “don’t forget”. It can all be a little dizzying at first and you don’t know what source to trust. A list from Pinterest, your friend’s sister’s cousin, your friends. I’m going to yell it from the mountain tops and I don’t care who knows it. Your wedding doesn’t “have to” be anything. Mind blowing right?

B Photography | Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer
But before you wade too far out into the seemingly treacherous water of planning a wedding, know that there are those out there to help you, should you need some of that reassuring advice. Here’s some advice from myself, a wedding photographer about wedding photography and how to find the best one to capture your day!

B Photography | Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer
If you’re looking for the “top 25 questions to ask your wedding photographer”, this isn’t the post for you. I’m talking from start to finish, the simple way to find YOUR photographer for your memories.

1. Find someone who’s photos make you wanna see more. If you can look at a photographer’s portfolio and see the wedding your envisioning fitting right in, or want a wedding photo that isn’t even yours blown up on a huge canvas in your living room, you’ve found the style of photographer you like. There are a multitude of styles in the photography world. Clean and bright, A film look, a darker moodier look, a mixture of all three, classic portraiture and more.

2. Actually talk to and like the person behind the camera. You’re going to be spending at least 12 hours straight with the person behind the camera, they’re going to be directing you, you’ll feel awkward in front of the camera, and you are gonna have to kiss in front of this person….a lot. So. Don’t you want to like them even just a little? The biggest thing that will make or break a wedding day is how well the bride and groom click with their photographer. Once you’re on that same wave length, magic can happen, I swear to you. But if everyone is feeling just a bit awkward and the personalities are just clashing away, then it might just not be a good fit. This can happen even if you just LOVE their photos, and that really stinks sometimes, but you ultimately have to have someone you can stand to be around for at least 1 full day, all day.

B Photography | Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer
3. Focus on the questions that DO matter. Don’t ask what equipment they have or if they shoot jpeg or raw. Those things don’t matter. If you like their final images that you see in their portfolio, it doesn’t matter what their level of equipment is. I could tell you I shoot with a Canon 9C Jon iii, with a 38cm lens and most wouldn’t know the difference. What does matter is seeing a full wedding day. Ask to see a gallery of a day from start to finish to make sure the work you love on their website is carried throughout the day. You will find some photographers who have very strong bride + groom shots, but lack in details and low light receptions. If these are important to you, you wouldn’t have known that until after you booked and were delivered your wedding photos.

4. Collection Breakdown What comes in the wedding collections that are being offered to you, and what is important to you? Do you want all the digital files, ability to print where you wish, canvases to decorate your house or maybe a gorgeous leather album to showcase and treasure for years to come? These are important things to ask your photographer. Collections between photographers can vary quite a bit as well, so make sure you are looking into these and really deciding what is important to you. Always remember, that when asking about digital files and printing with your photographer that you are asking for a print release, not a copyright release. A print release will allow you to have copies of your photos and print where you wish. It is also important for those on a budget to look ahead and see what is included in coverage and what you will have to budget for later, should you be looking into buying digital images, prints or products.

B Photography | Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer
5. Confirm details If you’re working with a company that has multiple shooters, confirm who will be shooting your wedding and ask to see their work alone. If you are working with someone who runs their own small business, you already know who is shooting your wedding! Also ask about turnaround time after the wedding. This can vary largely from photographer to photographer. The average turnaround time after a wedding is typically 4-10 weeks; if you are getting married during a busier time of year such as June or September & October, you should expect it to fall towards the end of that spectrum. Also, confirm approximately how many photos you’ll receive based on the hours of coverage you are looking at. You’ll find that if you have one shooter and 8 hours of coverage you will have a lot less photos to select from than if you do a full day with 2 photographers.

6. An investment for the future We have all seen the posts on social media asking for recommendations for wedding vendors that “don’t cost an arm and a leg”. Well I only charge a kneecap, so I must be the right fit for you. While you may think the price tag that comes with many wedding photographers as shocking, don’t forget you’re hiring someone who is going get to know you beforehand, spend a few hours with you for engagement photos to announce your beautiful wedding, to spend all day with you, helping you stay on schedule, help coordinate your day, all while capturing memories for you to share with your current AND future friends and family. I’ve done it all on a wedding day: held a jacket over a bride in a complete downpour, learned to French bustle the dress, sewn a tear in a dress, and jumped up and down like a monkey to get the ring bearer to smile for just one photo. You’re hiring someone who can not only capture the day as it is happening, but orchestrate even more beautiful moments that are frozen in time. Realistically, we all know that there is a budget that has to be adhered to; talk to your photographer about doing a payment plan. Most will be willing to work with you and not expect the wedding payment as a one large charge.

B Photography | Sioux Falls Wedding Photographer
7. Trust After you’ve signed the contract and you’ve finally taken a breath at having another item checked off the long list of to do’s, just remember to trust your photographer. They will be there with you to answer your questions, even if you think it is a dumb question. They want to be there with you to capture every moment of your love story, so the more you communicate with them, the better your connection will be. If you want to send them a few photos that you have found and loved from the internet that’s great, so that they can get a sense of what you’re looking for exactly, but try not to ask them to replicate another photographer’s image. Remember that you’ve hired them because you’ve seen their work, drooled, fallen into deep like with their personality and entrusted them with your memories. Don’t worry, they’ve got your back, front and every flattering angle you can think of.

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