Professional Event Coordination is Priceless

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Weddings are usually one of the most memorable events in a person’s life…..especially for the ladies.  Most women think about their wedding day for years, picturing how it will look and the countless details about every aspect of that day, before they are even engaged.  So to say there is a “high expectation” is putting it mildly.   In order to put together a successful event, the couple will more than likely be working with multiple individuals/businesses.  From the first point of contact, the couple should be observing the vendors carefully, because once a contract has been signed and deposits are paid, it is almost impossible to change vendors without penalties.  Some of the aspects that are important or desirable when selecting vendors are:

1)      Professionalism

2)      Flexibility

3)      Experience

4)      Creativity

5)      Reliability

The venue for the wedding reception is obviously a large piece of the puzzle.   It is always beneficial to take the time to do a site tour of the venue before signing a contract.  This will also give you an opportunity to meet the sales manager in person and address any questions/concerns you might have at that point, as well as see if the representative is someone you would like to work with.  It is also important to ask the venue who you will be working with to coordinate the event details and who will be present on the actual day of the event so you will know who to talk to in the event of a problem.   A great advantage that we offer here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center is that once your event is booked, we will set you up with one of our experienced Catering Managers to work through your event details.   You will have the opportunity to come in and actually taste the food prior to your event, talk about the room setup, menu, décor etc. with your catering manager….and that same person will be onsite and will oversee everything on your wedding day.  So in a nutshell, a facility that offers full event coordination (as we do at the Sioux Falls Convention Center) is priceless because you will be able to sit back, and enjoy your big day knowing you are in good hands!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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