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Wedding Reception Venues in Sioux Falls, SD

When a couple is searching for “just the right wedding reception venue,” what the venue has to offer is always considered.  In making your decision always ask yourself, what is most important to us as a couple?  Usually, the answer is making sure your guests have an amazing time!  One of the top considerations in having a fun and successful wedding reception is the entertainment.  In order for your DJ or band to provide the greatest level of entertainment, they need to have a venue that can meet all of their needs.  Minimum needs that are required for entertainment are usually: sufficient power, access to the reception space with plenty of time prior to the event, and ample space for equipment. Some wedding reception venues have difficulties due to the way the room is configured i.e. spaces with columns, low ceilings with chandeliers or other restrictions.  For example, you wouldn’t want to book a reception venue that can accommodate your dinner needs (seating the number of guests you have) and not be able to accommodate that same number comfortable during the latter part of the evening.  Some common difficulties with wedding reception venues are: dance floor size is small or located in an area of the room that doesn’t work well with your setup, ceiling heights are not tall enough for the DJ’s lighting systems, tables and chairs need to be placed on the dance floor and then removed after the meal has concluded and poor acoustics.  At the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we are able to offer a column free space that can be tailored to your needs!  Our ballroom spaces are fantastic for wedding receptions, especially couples who want to entertain in a first-class way!  Both ballrooms feature 25 foot ceiling which allow for fantastic lighting and draping opportunities (which we have in-house at the Sioux Falls Convention Center!)  They are also beneficial in hosting quality entertainment with acoustic panels built into the walls and dance floors that are able to be placed anywhere in the room (and are even customizable in size).  If unbelievable entertainment is high on your list of priorities for your wedding reception, please give me a call today and I will be happy to show you how our wedding receptions spaces are beyond compare!

– Sarah Maag | Sales Manager | 605-367-4154 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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