Plated, Buffet, Family Style Dinner Service for your Wedding Reception?

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Sioux Falls Wedding Reception VenuesShould we go with a plated meal?  What about a buffet, wouldn’t it be easier to please more people this way?  What is most popular?  Or, wait….what about reception style (with heavy hors d’oeuvres)?  What should we do?  What is the best choice?  These are all typical questions discussed between a bride and groom, and also questions that I am frequently asked as I book all of the weddings here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.  I always advise couples to do what makes the most sense for them.  I think it is silly to stress about pleasing all of the guests, because that is usually something that is just not realistic.  It is important to consider the demographics of any group that you are serving food and beverage to, however for an event as personal and important as your wedding reception….I like to say the customary “rules” do not, or at least should not completely apply.  Your wedding reception venue should be available and happy to offer advice on choices that characteristically go over better, and will meet the needs of your event.  Thinking about what style you would like is the first step.  Plated meals portray elegance and give the event a more formal feel with servers attending each table and presenting a plate in front of each guest….whereas a buffet or reception style (stations or appetizers) allow for a more social and casual environment for your guests.  What about doing something a little out of the ordinary?  Is there something in between? I have great news for you….there is!  If this sounds like an attractive option to you, “Family Style” is the way to go!  Family style requires the proper setup, which happens to be a trendy new look of long tables.  I personally adore the long table setups.  You can go with tables of 20, or even go with odd numbers.  I like the “feel” of the atmosphere this arrangement creates, and it definitely creates buzz among your guests.  The setup literally mirrors a family dinner, allowing for a very natural way to get your guests talking.  Now for the foodservice!  The food is delivered to each table in separate dishes, and placed in the center of the table.  Naturally, your guests will grab for the dishes and pass them around the table to the other guests.  Some of the best choices for this style of service might be Italian, Mexican, or Indian cuisines; however other options could also be accommodated successfully.  Please give me a call today, and we can discuss how the Sioux Falls Convention Center can assist you in achieving a lovely family style wedding reception for you and your guests to enjoy!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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