Planning a Timeline for a Wedding?

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So you get engaged (YAY!) and first you pick a date, book your church, and then need to think about where you want your reception to take place!  When thinking reception, first think of your day as a whole and the options you have for you and your guests. Once your ceremony ends, it is typical for couples who don’t see each other prior to the ceremony to need some allotted time for pictures, often followed by a limo ride around town before hitting the reception.  Most people have a pretty standard day leading up to the reception, but at that point there are many different options for how you’d like your reception to flow.  Will you have a long time period from when your guests arrive to the reception until you actually arrive?  Will they be starving by this point?  Do you want to order appetizers or purchase any cocktails for them during their wait?  Or will you head straight to the reception alongside your guests and mingle with them during a cocktail hour?  Maybe you are having a later ceremony and don’t even need a cocktail hour so you can begin dinner right away?  Then what happens after dinner?  Do you start cake cutting/serving right away?  Maybe you have a slideshow and want to play that first?  When should you do toasts?  Do you want time to mingle before the dance starts?  When should the dance start?  How late should everything go?  There are many decisions to be made about the timeline of your day and many different ways to have your reception flow.  If you need help figuring that out, or if you simply don’t want to worry about figuring all that out, give us a call at the Sioux Falls Convention Center so we can assist you in all those decisions!  You’ll want options for not only you but your guests as well.  There is no one standard way we do things here so we will customize your reception to fit your style!

– Jessica Flanigan | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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