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When choosing a wedding date, couples typically visit with family members to see what month and weekend works the best. What is commonly unknown is that it is also just as important to do some research about the City as well.

Here in Sioux Falls, we host multiple tournaments. Most commonly these tournaments are for soccer, baseball and softball, which are known as; Dakota Gold, Ring Neck and ASA. These tournaments tend to be huge! Therefore, the city will be full those weekends and hotels will not typically have much or any vacancy. Plus, rates will be much higher. Unfortunately, most of these tournaments take place in the summer months (June, July & August), which also happens to be the most popular time to get married.

Obviously, this doesn’t pose a problem if you, your future husband and your families are all from the Sioux Falls area but if you’re not, you could potentially be left without any accommodation choices.

Here is what I recommend:

Plan ahead.  Try to plan your wedding at least 12 plus months in advance so you can have some flexibility on wedding dates.  Call the Sioux Falls CVB (Convention & Visitors Bureau). They will be able to tell you when tournaments are going on. Once you have done that, check with a desired ceremony and reception site to see if they have those slower weekends you are interested in available. Then, SET A DATE!

I have seen many couples go through this problem and it is frustrating that they weren’t able to find any hotel accommodations for their guests. Sadly, this can also determine whether or not some of your guests travel to your event. Don’t be caught off guard and plan ahead!

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