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Since weddings seem to be such a frequent event these days, it may seem like they tend to be the same thing over and over: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dance, then go home.  If you are recently engaged and looking for something a little more unique, how about more of a cocktail themed hangout?  Formal dinners are not for everyone, so if you are the type who would prefer to have more of a casual evening with your family and friends, that might be just the solution for you!  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we’ve just purchased equipment to execute two new concepts: The Kitchen Experience and The Bar Experience.  With the Kitchen Experience, your guests can have the luxury of watching the chefs cook up some items right in front of them! They are portable carts that can be placed in the room, but come fully equipped with everything you’d need to create meals or food items from scratch.  With the laid back vibe of a cocktail themed reception, you can have the chefs creating different appetizer and snack food options for a portion of the evening so your guests can come up and help themselves as they desire.  You can also put out little snacks around the room on cocktail tables: peanuts, popcorn, snack mix, candies, etc.  You can even have a dessert station with various bite sized options of bars, cakes, cupcakes—you name it!  With The Bar Experience, we’ve got the capability of making one large, circular bar that can have many bartenders working behind it.  It is capable of holding multiple flavors of keg beers, bottled beers, wines, and mixed drinks.  It also has built in LED lights that can flash, fade, or stay one color—another great option to tie in your wedding colors! It can also have lots of bar stools so people can literally belly up to the bar and hang out there all night if they want!  We can place cocktail tables in the bar area, along with lounge chairs and even TV’s to watch whatever sports are playing that night!  And don’t worry because the other side of the room can still fit your dance floor for those who want to dance the night away.  These options are a great way to give your guests an alternative of feeling more relaxed than a sit down dinner would.  Our rooms are large enough that you could even bring in pool tables, darts, or any other bar games you might find fun in creating a cocktail reception hangout.  So give us a call today at the Sioux Falls Convention Center to make your wedding reception a unique and exciting experience for you and all of your guests!

– Jessica Flanigan | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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