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Wedding Photographers in Sioux Falls, South DakotaWhen you get engaged there are many things to think about, but one of the very first things you probably need to figure is WHEN will you get married?!  Picking a date can be very crucial, depending on what you want and how particular you are with what decisions you have to make along the way.  Fortunately, weddings are no longer just a “summer trend”, so the possibilities are almost endless for you!  So, let’s begin with the pros and cons of choosing the traditionally popular summer months.  First, the obvious one when you live in the Midwest is that it is going to be the nicest time of year; no snow, no coats, sunshine, warmth, etc.  It’s also going to make it easier on many of your guests for traveling purposes.  So what’s not to like about having a summer wedding?  Well, first of all it might be harder to find the day you want, as many summer wedding dates fill up fast at churches and reception facilities.  It could be harder to lock in all of your first choices during the summer unless you plan to have a really long engagement.  Sometimes you may get your church or ceremony space, but maybe your reception space is already booked or the DJ you want is no longer available.  You also have the possibility of rain in the summer, or downright miserable heat and humidity.  When thinking about your guests, many of them have summer activities and vacations already set that take up a lot of weekends and may not be able to attend.  That being said, spring can be a great time of year if you are worried about guest attendance.  Activities are typically wrapped up from the winter and have not yet started for the summer, so it’s a time when a lot of people are free to attend events.  You’re also going to have more options when it comes to booking ceremony and reception space, along with getting your first choice in DJ’s, florists and other vendors that you want to work with.  The downfall of spring in the Midwest, is it could be a snow melted, brown and muddy mess outside!  If you are one who wants to ensure it is pretty outside, I personally think fall is going to be your best option!  It typically isn’t a rainy time of year, and the snow has yet to cover the ground.  The changing colors of the leaves are also absolutely gorgeous and you shouldn’t have to mess with the weather being too hot or too cold.  However, fall weddings are on the rise and getting very popular, so it again might be harder to get the date you want with all of your first choice vendors and your guests are getting busier with going back to school and all the activities surrounding that time of year.  Lastly, some people love the look of a white winter wedding, but there are obvious cons in having a winter wedding; freezing cold, blizzards, hard travel, etc.  But no matter how you weigh the pros and cons of what time of year you choose to have your wedding, the Sioux Falls Convention Center has space to accommodate wedding ceremonies and receptions throughout the whole year!  So give us a call today to book your dream date!

– Jessica Flanigan | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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