Late Night Wedding Snack

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At your reception, you’d ideally be dancing the night away barefoot to celebrate your new marriage. But what happens if your guests are snoozing or boozing too much? Let’s think back to our college days when we would go out on a Friday night. We’d have a great time with old friends, meet some new friends, dance our shoes off and then what? Go to the nearest McDonald’s or the neighborhood’s best pizza place for a late night snack! After you’ve scarfed down your Big Mac in 30 seconds, you feel like you have the energy to take on the world or at least make it to your bed.

So what does this flashback have to do with your wedding reception? You don’t want your guests sleeping before the night is over so why not opt to have late night snacks served at your reception? Whether you prefer salty, sweet, or some childhood favorites the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown can satisfy those cravings!

Wedding Popcorn | Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls

For the salt-lovers, a popcorn bar would be a must. Popcorn can come in many different flavors from butter to dill with everything in between. You can order customized popcorn bags to serve the popcorn in as a party favor to your guests. Everyone loves popcorn and a popcorn bar would never disappoint.

Wedding Smores Bar | Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls

Not feeling so salty? You can also go with a sweet option like a S’more Station! Who doesn’t love a childhood favorite? Set up a station for guests to roast their own ‘mallows, construct their S’mores, and don’t forget the napkins. S’mores are delicious but can get messy. Not only will you please your guests with a sweet tooth, but cleaning marshmallow off of your loved ones face can always make for some fun memories.

Wedding Sliders | Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls

Maybe you just want to go all-out on the late night snacks and make a junk food feast! You can include mini-sliders, French fries and cheese balls. If you can dream it, we can do it. Offer your guests a Tailgate-esque late night snack and their stomachs will thank you dearly.

Whether you have a sweet tooth, crave those salty snacks, or live for junk food, late night snacks are the perfect choice at your reception! Not only will your guests thank you, but your stomach will too!

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