Honeymoon Tips for Your Wedding Planning

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Sioux Falls Travel Agents for Your Honeymoon

One of the major components of wedding planning is the honeymoon.

So please, avoid the temptation to book an Internet special to some surprise destination. Instead, sit down with your soon-to-be-spouse and a travel agent. Work together as a trio and your idyllic week or more in paradise will go off without a hitch.  Yes, there may be a fee, but it’s worth every penny.

Here are ten honeymoon tips to get you started.

1. When? Begin planning early. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to research your trip – it’s actually part of the fun! Begin your honeymoon planning 10 – 12 months before the big day. Advance planning gives your travel professional the time to put it all together seamlessly and be able to take advantage of more special offers and discounts.  You can travel anywhere, at any time of the year, and each destination will have something memorable, for sure.

2.  Share the planning. After all, this honeymoon is for both of you. If you make all the decisions, you’ll feel guilty if things don’t go perfectly. Conversely, if you don’t take part in planning, you may end up dissatisfied.  Jamaica, St. Lucia, the Mexican Riviera but the decision has to be mutual. If you need some help deciding, you can contact one of the agents at Travel Leaders to help you find the perfect estination.

3. Resort? Some of the all-inclusive resorts like Sandals, which has properties all over the Caribbean, are built and programmed with romance in mind.   Also, when you book with a Travel Professional, they make sure to book your package to include special amenities such as complimentary champagne in your room, couples massage, beachfront candlelit dinner and more!

5. Cost? This is not a time to pinch pennies. If you are planning on having children, this might be your last vacation alone together for the next 18 years! Make it count. Your travel professional will ask you about your budget. Be honest! Your agent will make it work. But you should know that it is not unusual for honeymooners to blow their budget by about 10 percent, so plan for a bit of a cushion. Suggestion: Splurge on your accommodations. Even if you think you won’t spend much time in your room, you’ll probably be sorry if it’s not special.

6. Insurance.  Buy travel insurance. You never know what will happen, and because the honeymoon is likely to be a big financial and emotional investment, you want to be covered on this trip.

7. Take advantage of free info.   Call your destination’s tourist board many have toll-free telephone numbers and websites for free information on hotels, restaurants, activities and festive events. Some even provide discount-coupon books.

8. Register for your honeymoon with a travel agent.   Gifts are put toward the total cost of your trip. The average couple who uses a registry gets $500 to $1,000, which can really makes a difference.

9. Planning to take your spouse’s name?   Unless you’re taking a delayed honeymoon, you won’t be able to amend your passport, driver’s license, etc., until after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. Even though you’ll be anxious to start using your married name, it can be a real nightmare if you haven’t legally changed it yet. Instead, use your maiden name on visas, airline tickets, etc., so they match your name as it appears on your official documents.

10. Pack a sense of humor. A bit of flexibility can go a long way on a honeymoon. Expect that things won’t always go as planned. Do what you can to remedy the situation, then relax and enjoy your honeymoon. Years, or even a few hours from now, you’ll probably laugh.

Tell the world you’re honeymooners! Don’t be bashful about your status –  you’re likely to enjoy special treatment and are more considered for upgrades since they want to treat you extra special.

Plan ahead!  At this important time in your life, you really do need the help of a good, qualified travel professional.

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