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When you think of a traditional wedding, most people think of the ceremony being in a church, but that comes with strict guidelines that a couple has to follow in regards to timeline, décor, and setup. More and more couples are looking to host less traditional ceremonies so that they can customize it to their wants and needs.

At the Hilton Garden Inn Sioux City Riverfront, we have multiple options to host both your ceremony and wedding reception. Not only can we host outdoor weddings in our Meadows Garden, but we can also utilize a section of the reception space for the ceremony then flip it for the reception while your guests enjoy their social hour. They then get to return to the ballroom, wowed at the transformation of the space in such a short period of time. Because the ballroom can be split up into multiple sizes, this allows you to have an intimate feel no matter how many guests you have.

By having your ceremony and reception at the same location, you can also cross utilize décor which saves on rental costs. Items such as chairs covers, backdrops and up-lighting can easily be used for both celebrations. Décor used to line the isle of the ceremony can also be incorporated into table centerpieces for the reception.

Guests also love that they don’t have to travel from one location to another, especially in the winter months. Having one location for both events also allows for a tighter timeline since you don’t have to account for travel. This can be money saving if you are working with vendors that charge by the hour.

Choosing a hotel as a ceremony venue is also beneficial because you are able to have the bridal party get ready right on site. This means you get a few more hours of shut-eye on your wedding day and creates less risk of the bridal party running late trying to get to the venue.

Give us a call and let us help make your ceremony and reception one your guests will remember!

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