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Occasionally a couple looking to interview me for the role of officiant will express their fears about choosing the wrong person to do the job. The concerns are typically based on a previous wedding one of them had or an experience shared by a friend. These stories usually involve an officiant who imposed their own beliefs and said things during the ceremony that were unexpected and unwelcome.

Anything unexpectedly said or done by the officiant can create a real problem. As I see it, the job of the officiant is not only to make sure you have a ceremony you feel great about, but also to facilitate the ceremony so it is enjoyably memorable for all involved. This may entail being quick enough to avoid or transform problem situations; certainly not to cause them.

Your ceremony is a realization of your dreams and visions. If you are fuzzy about what you want your ceremony to look like, a good officiant will help you to clarify what you want, give you examples of what different ideas would be like, and work with you to make sure you end up with something you love. They will not try to impose what they think you should like.

I recommend finding someone who interviews each couple first to learn who they are as individuals and as a couple, why they are getting married, and what is important for them to include in their ceremony. You want someone who can listen and respect your wishes while offering suggestions and ideas. Expect to go over specific wording and actions as well as the overall flow of the ceremony. In addition to the ceremony itself, I generally work with the couple to choreograph the processional and recessional. This way, there is not much room for the unexpected.

A good officiant is one you feel comfortable with and that you trust will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

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