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Up Lighting Wedding Reception | Sioux Falls Convention Center

If you are an engaged couple, by now you have probably come to terms with the fact that there are many details, big and small, that go into planning a wedding. Some detailing can be fun and exciting, others may seem silly and unnecessary, but all of them are important if you want your big day to turn out a certain way. One of the simplest details you’ll want to determine early on is color. Color is such a simple way to incorporate into all aspects of your wedding, and it can be a lot of fun to play around with color! Whether you choose one color, two, or multiple colors, it is important to decide what you want right away so you can make decisions all throughout the planning process. The obvious places you’ll have color will be with the bridal party’s attire and the flowers, but another big place that you can tie your color in—in many different ways—is at your reception. So when choosing your reception facility, make sure to ask if they have options for you to bring your color into their space. Table linens and napkins are going to be an important one, and some facilities do not offer anything other than a basic white to put on your tables. It can get really expensive to provide your own linens and napkins, so choosing a facility that already has that included is definitely going to be a plus for you. What you do for your centerpieces is another great way to add color. You can get really creative with these, or you can go simple and do some flowers and candles. Since there are so many different things you can do with your centerpieces, you’ll also want to make sure your reception facility has options for you. Some places might have restrictions on what can and cannot be used, and others might not offer anything for you so you have to worry about it all on your own. Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we offer a variety of different centerpiece options that you can choose from—all included at no additional cost! It’s a great way to utilize vases and candles without buying or renting them, but you can still add a few of your own things to personalize them. You can also add color to your place settings by putting out dinner menus or colorful little favors for your guests to take home. Another other part of the reception to think about your color would be up lighting around the room. Some facilities might not offer this, so if that’s the case you should make sure you book a DJ who does. At the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we also offer personalized ice sculptures that we can light up in the color of your choice! Another new feature we have is new bars that have LED lights so you can light up the bar areas in any color you’d like! Color is just a great way to make that “WOW” statement at your reception, so give us a call today at the Sioux Falls Convention Center so we can help assist your with all your colorful needs!

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