Breathtaking Destination Jamaican Wedding!

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Destination Wedding in Jamaica… part 3 of 4

Holly and I are completely yearning for our spot on the beach. Withdrawal has completely set in. I miss the proximity of all inclusive food. I miss the subtle ebb and flow of the tide. The waves calmly rolling in. The Reggae. I digress…

So this week’s post is going to introduce you to the supporting cast. I will try and share an anecdote about each of the members of the cast as we roll them out. Also we will see a bit of the beach.

First and foremost, the little man. Dylan, Dyl, Dylson or Dylydoodle… When I first met Dylan he was about a year old. He had a fascination with the Cars movie and looked like a short Jewish man. His belly was like Norm from Cheers. He is a great kid and I am proud that he calls me his favorite uncle. Take that Mike C!

Just a great shot of ‘lissa.

These cousins are best friends.

Without further delay…

The ladies! (left to right)

Sarah, Melissa’s younger sister and  avid seashell finding enthusiast. (On a side note, I think she thinks I am crazy, and is bewildered by my starfish finding capabilities.)

Shannon, Melissa’s older sister. She does a wicked rump-shaker impersonation, sometimes, ok usually unprompted. (Side note here, She thinks that I think she’s crazy!)

Allison, Melissa’s BFF.  She was the maid of honor. She also likes to embark on extended clandestine seashell search and recovery operations.

Melissa. (Bride)

We had an amazing view of the ocean.

Rock and Roll!

Walter (me). That’s right I am a stand in groomsman at many of the weddings we book. I always do my best to help the groom look better whether it is taking the photos or being the chubby groomsman in the background.

Eric. (Groom)

Michael (Reno). Dubbed Reno after his purchase of some wicked highway patrol sunglasses, and his affinity towards wearing shorts that are disturbingly small like on the show Reno 911. Michael was able to seize the title of best man from my grasp with a somewhat risky midnight swim through the hotels large fountain. The sign clearly stated NO SWIMMING. I feel cheated.

Corey (Polish) Dubbed Polish for his um, heritage, Corey didn’t want to wear the same suit as the rest of us so he left it stateside. I got him though. I have photo shopped his suit to look remarkable close to ours, if you don’t believe me look at him in the background of the first image of this post. Take that POLISH! haha He is a good friend of the family and we give him way to hard of a time, but with that kind of nickname how can you not.

besties. Dylan and Blu! This is our daughter and she is amazing! She was the flower girl and dress holder and did I mention she plays the cello?

Our next post will contain the ceremony and the beach front reception. Until then, listen to some Bob Marley and just chill.



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