Cocktail Hour and Your Wedding Reception

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Couples will have countless things to ponder when they start laying out the plans for the evening of their wedding reception.  One aspect to always consider is that of the timeline of the event.  After the wedding ceremony, what will the rest of the evening look like for your guests?  Most of the time couples will do their receiving line at the site of the ceremony, and then guests will make their way to the reception.  Once the guests arrive at the reception, there is typically a time period prior to dinner where the guests have an opportunity to socialize (as well as wait for the bride & groom + wedding party to arrive).  This is frequently called a “cocktail hour” or “social hour”.  It is up to you (the couple) as far as what you would like this timeframe to include.  Sometimes a cash bar will be available or complimentary cocktails of some sort.  It is also considerate to think about providing an appetizer for your guests, to hold them over until dinner is served.  Depending on your budget, there are endless options for horsd’oeuvres.  Most venues always offer the standard options like cheese displays, shrimp cocktail, vegetable crudité, etc. but…what if you went in a different direction with the appetizer(s)?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an appetizer butler passed that would impress your guests?  If you are looking for a way to make a splash with a hot new item that is as aesthetically appealing as it is unique and tasty…..then you will find this item and many others on our new 2012 Wedding Menus, here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center! Sangria Jell-O shooters anyone?  This item is a new hors d’oeuvre that we offer at a very affordable price, and it can be prepared as an alcoholic version or a non-alcoholic version.  The Sangria Jell-O shooters are presented in a darling miniature (and disposable) clear cup, along with a miniature spoon so your guests can easily enjoy.  If you wanted to serve some of each, that is not a problem! We can do one version in one color (alcoholic in red) and the other in a different color (non-alcoholic in yellow) to ensure your guests are getting the one they prefer.  There are many other distinctive new appetizers on our 2012 menu that would be lovely for your wedding reception.  Some of my personal favorites are:  caprese skewers, our chef’s special variety of handcrafted canapés, bacon wrapped Anaheim pepper poppers, stuffed large sea scallops, and Tuscan stuffed mushrooms.  If you want to work with a venue that is always reinventing their menu to include an array of unique options, especially for wedding receptions, please give me a call today!

– Jill Hericks | Sales Manager | 605-367-4156 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

(Sioux Falls Convention Center and Sioux Empire Wedding Showcase will Feature a Bridal Show on October 21st, 2012.)

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