Choosing Your Wedding Colors

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There are many things to think about when you begin the process of planning your wedding, and you’ll definitely want to figure out how you want your day to look like.  One of the big things you’ll be pondering as you decide how you want the look of your big day to be: color.  It may sound like a quick decision, but there are a lot of things that will be affected by the color scheme you choose.  Do you go with one solid color, two, multi-colors, multi-shades of one color, or just do a simple black and white?  Maybe you have a favorite color and you can’t fathom the thought of using anything but that, but make sure you are okay with incorporating whatever you choose into every aspect of your wedding.  If you have no clue where to begin, try thinking about some of things that will more than likely factor in color.  The biggest one is going to be your bridesmaid dresses.  The shade of your wedding dress could affect this decision as well because if you have off-white or an ivory dress, not every color will mesh well next to that.  Next, do you plan to have the groomsmen wear a colored vest, tie, bow tie or pocket square?  If you decide to use more than one color, a great way to tie your colors together is with your bridal party attire.  The girls can have a separate sash or bow in the second color, which can coordinate with the color you choose on the guys.  The next thing that will tie all of that together is the color of your flowers.  Typical bouquets will be multi-colored, but they don’t have to be.  Flowers will often times be used throughout the entire day, from the personal bouquets to the decorations at the church right on through the reception.  Flowers are a great way to add a splash to places that wouldn’t already have your color, such as table centerpieces at the reception.  Some facilities only offer one color of a table linen and a very limited selection of color for napkins, so if that’s the case then you’ll definitely want to put color in your centerpieces.  You can also tie your color in on your invitations, table numbers and menu cards.  The best way to make your color stand out at your reception is with up lighting.  Not all venues can offer this, so if this is important to you make sure you have all of the information when booking your reception venue.  Many DJ’s will also be able to create a beautiful atmosphere in your room with their lighting options, so keep that in mind when choosing your DJ as well.  Here at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we offer multiple options in table linens and napkins in a wide variety of color, along with endless possibilities for colored up lighting throughout your reception room to help tie all of your color choices together and turn your dream day into a reality!  Give us a call today to book your ceremony or your reception space!

– Jessica Flanigan | Events Manager | 605-367-4164 | Sioux Falls Convention Center

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