Choosing the Right Wedding Florist

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10 Tips to Choosing a Wedding Florist

  1. 1. Want unique?  Choose a designer not just a florist.  Designers focus on one client at a time and turn her wedding in to a work of art.
  1. 2. Book in advance- Some florists only book so many weddings per day or weekend.  Popular wedding months book fast!  Fleurtations tries to book only a couple weddings per weekend to ensure that each wedding gets the time and attention it deserves to make it as special and unique as possible.
  1. 3. Ask the florist if the will make up samples of bouquets or centerpieces for you to see in advance.  If you choose silk flowers you have the ability to see everything before your wedding day so there are no surprises. Fleurtations loves to send pictures to you as we work on things, doing so gives you the opportunity to make changes as we go!
  1. 4. Ask around- talk to friends and family that have gone through the whole wedding thing.  See what their experiences were and who they suggest for a wedding florist.  Consider asking your wedding venue as well.  Word of mouth goes a long way!
  1. 5. Know the restrictions of your ceremony and reception venue when it comes to flowers and decorating.  Some churches don’t allow flowers on the altar or anything attached to their pews, etc.
  1. 6. Find pictures of flowers, designs, and color schemes that you like and present them to your florist to see if they can make your wedding dreams come true.
  1. 7. Know your budget- If your florist knows how much you can spend they can be realistic and helpful when suggestion ideas and designs.  The last thing you want is a florist suggesting something that is completely out of your price range.  Fleurtations works with you to come up with the floral package that’s right for you, at a price that you can afford.
  1. 8. Does your florist have delivery and set-up options?  If so, how much does it cost? Consider having your florist set-up your reception décor for you.  It’s one less thing for you to have to worry about.  And just think of the surprise you’ll receive when walking in to your reception for the first time!
  1. 9. See if the florist you’re considering has rentals.  Ask them what’s available, what the costs are, and if things can be customized for your wedding.  One-stop shopping means coherent aesthetic, as well as less stress when planning!  Fleurtations has many rental options for centerpieces.  We can even provide the candles for you too! One less thing you have to have on your list of things to look for.
  1. 10. Know your style- Let your wedding flowers reflect you and your future husband!  After all, this day is all about YOU!

– Sara Consoer | Fleurtations Silk and Floral

Photo credit to Shalista Photography.

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