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Sioux Falls Bridal Gown store manager, Carla Hedtke from Alan Evans Bridal shares with you Ten Shopping Tips for Bridesmaids Gowns:

1. Not every maid needs to try on the gown. We recommend taking at least one or two maids and probably the most hard fitting maids should go.

2. Pick a dress that you like and think compliments the look of your wedding. You have to look at these pictures the rest of your life, they do not. Therefore, pick something that you are going to enjoy looking at for years to come.

3. Most companies have international sizing. This means that the sizes are going to run a size or two smaller than what you would normally wear. Please do not take offense to this as the stores have no say in those sizing charts. Also, remember that all gowns are meant to be altered. Most dresses can be taken down at least 2 sizes, but also consider the fabric as well. Some are easier to alter than others. We try to fit you so you have the least amount of alterations, but there is almost always some.

4. Having each maid pick out a style in the same color is not impossible, but can be very difficult and stressful. Sometimes it is easier for the bride and the store associates to do them all in the same dress. It is also much safer that the color dye lot will be the same.

5. Pick out your wedding gown before you pick out your maids. Your bridesmaids dresses do not have to match, but should compliment your gown. You should shop for your bridesmaids dresses about 4-6mo in advance, as it takes 4months to order any gown from the bridesmaids companies.

6. Do not let the season determine your colors. It is your wedding, you can do whatever you like. Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you have to have winter colors. Same goes for every season. Choose a color scheme that makes you and your fiance happy and that fits your theme of your wedding.

7. Trust your sales consultants, they know their stock better than anyone. Talk to them about what you want or are looking for. Let them help you clamp and zip your gowns so they can show you exactly how the gown should fit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or be upfront about certain details. Trust them to help you find what you are looking for.

8. Most gowns come from a 2-28. Some specific companies do smaller and bigger sizes than that, but be aware of what sizes you may need and what fits are going to best flatter all sizes. Also, extra length is available in most gowns. If you have anyone over 5’9″, I would consider getting them extra length no matter what. Also, be aware that plus sizes and extra length cost extra, so please take that into consideration as well.

9. The average bridesmaids dress is between $150.00 – $225.00. Most places offer a discount for orders, but not all of them. Most bridesmaids also pay for their own gown as well. Just set a budget after talking to your bridesmaids of what you would like to spend per dress before you start shopping. Make sure that your consultant knows this when you shop as they can help you find one in that budget.

10. Most companies do have websites and picture their gowns online, but not all of them. Do not be afraid to get ideas and bring pictures of things that you like. Have a color in mind, but also have a back up color too. Sometimes specific colors are hard to find, and it never hurts to have a second color in mind. Some companies however do private lines, and will not picture them at all. This keeps the look more exclusive and different from others.

For more advice, visit Alan Evans Bridal.

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